They are Unstoppaple  - Two of Them
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the best part is if you have Doreen or Isaiah down for these shenanigans, they’re getting at LEAST +24k

whole board getting fuckin JACKED

are you kidding me? considering Amon’s skill in legion is a straight up +4 to soul, plus ride that’s 6, plus greedy into creeper that’s 9, you only need a single additional charge to get there

son i dont know shit about dark irregulars ok its like the one dark zone clan i have never touched and probably never will so im not super familiar with the soulcharge combos EITHER WAY. U CAN GET THERE. REAL FAST. AND THEN UNLEASH HELL

emblem master for g2 ride too

soulcharge or get cards out of their hand or if ur lucky BOTH its like win-win-win

it’s SUPER HARD to do that tho rip, altho i guess amons do have their succubi cards, what darlings

yea the succubi + yellow bolt + hysteric shirley = get there

it sounds exactly like echo of nemesis except w/ a crit tbh

the crit is the scary shit tho since its not an lb, if u can get those 10 cards in the first couple of turns ur about to go like beastmode mlb before they even got the cards in their hand to deal w/ it

im still reeling over amon legion. get 10 cards in there, slap the 10k booster down behind it, swing 41k with a crit every turn nbd

Amon’s Mastermind, Astaroth



MB/024 アモンの主謀者 アスタロト Amon’s Mastermind, Astaroth
"O lost soul, welcome to hell."
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Dark Zone - Dark Irregulars - Demon
Power 11000
Shield N/A
Activate (Vanguard Circle): [Legion](21000)[“Demon World Marquis, Amon”](If your opponent has a Grade 3 or higher Vanguard, once, this Unit can return 4 cards from your Drop Zone to your Deck, search your Deck for the designated card, and Legion with it.)
Continuous (Vanguard Circle): If this Unit is in a “Legion”, for every 10 cards in your Soul, this Unit gains 1 Critical.
Auto (Vanguard Circle): When an opponent’s Rearguard is placed in the Drop Zone by your card effect, if you have another Unit in your center column with “Amon” in its card name, Soul Charge 3 cards. You cannot use this card again.

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